A group of talented students completed the prestigious Write! WeCan English Writing Programme, jointly organized by Project We Can and Young Post at South China Morning Post (SCMP) last summer. The program aimed to nurture their interest in English and help develop their essential writing skills.
Seven students successfully completed the Level 1 and 2 programs and received certificates of completion. Two outstanding Level 2 students were invited to join the advanced Level 3 program.
Throughout the program, students engaged in activities focused on improving reading comprehension, building vocabulary, and enhancing storytelling abilities. They were guided by experienced teachers and SCMP writers to structure captivating stories. Our students had valuable opportunities to develop their English skills, enhance their creativity, and gain confidence in their writing abilities.

節日降臨, 音樂響起, 「冬日仙境音樂祭」於假期前將悠揚樂韻傳遍校園, 來自仙境般的豎琴演奏為同學在冬日雪地編織出夢幻愉快的氣氛。
學校期望舉辦不同的節日慶祝活動, 增強學生的聯繫感之餘,亦讓同學體驗不同文化, 製造共同回憶, 從而增加同學的歡樂感,讓其生活經歷更加豐富。音樂祭中,大家都十分感恩音樂科帶來高雅的豎琴演奏,亦感激花藝組進行美輪美奐的節日佈置,讓校園散發著溫暖平和的氛圍!




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