一. 學校消息

二. 報名

1. 由即日起,到本校校務處索取中一申請表或在本校網頁下載。(

2. 於2022年1月3日至2022年1月17日期間,填妥申請表後,將下列有關文件交回本校:

  • 教育局派發的「中一自行分配學位申請表」
  • 申請人小學五年級及六年級成績表副本
  • 出生証明副本或身份証副本
  • 其他校外活動證明文件或學習經驗的副本
  • 一個貼上郵票回郵信封,請在信封背後寫上學生姓名
  • 請注意:申請人不需要呈交小學推薦信

3. 學校辦公時間: 星期一至五 (上午7:30 至 下午5:30)
                             星期六(上午8:30 至 下午1:00)

4. 面試

  • 全部申請人均有面試機會,本校將於2022年3月上旬以郵件通知申請者面試,而面試日期為2022年三月中旬。
  • 面試時,學校會根據下列項目來甄選學生:
    - 理解及分析能力
    - 溝通能力及技巧
    - 創意能力
    - 日常生活知識
    - 體藝潛能
    - 興趣
    - 時事知識
    - 對本校的認識

5. 收生準則

  • 本校中一自行分配學位取錄準則 :
    在「申請學生成績次第名單」的排名 10%
    小五及小六校內成績 20%
    面試表現 30%
    小學的成績表評語及操行 20%
    服務及活動 (包括體藝潛能、校內或校外服務、獎項) 20%

6. 自行收生名額 : 40名

7. 注意事項

  • 每一位小六學生只可向不多於兩間在「中一自行分配學位手冊」列出的中學申請,否則申請資格會被取消。

8. 如獲本校納入為正取名單的學生,將於2022年3月31日(星期四) 收到本校書面及電話通知。


Application Guidelines for S.1 Discretionary Places ( 2022/23 )
Application is for P.6 students of the academic year 2021-22 only

1.Application form can be obtained from the General Office of Buddhist Ho Nam Kam College or downloaded from the School Website (

2.The completed application form should be submitted to the school between 3/1/2022 to 17/1/2022 together with:

  • Completed EDB application form for S1 Discretionary Places;
  • Copies of Primary 5 and 6 school reports;
  • Copies of birth certificate or identity card;
  • Copies of supporting documents and certificates of participation and performance in extra-curricular activities and services;
  • A self-addressed envelope with postage and with the name of the applicant on the back of the envelope
  • There is no need to provide recommendation letters from primary schools

 3. Office hours of school:

  • Mon to Fri ( 7:30 am to 5:30 pm )
  • Sat ( 8:30 am to 1:00 pm )

4. Interview

  • All applicants will be informed to attend an interview by post on or before 15 March 2022,interviews will be conducted in mid March
  • Students are expected to show the listed abilities during the interview regarding the following areas:
- Comprehensive and analytical skills
- Communication skills
- Creativity
- Common Sense
- Potentiality in sports and arts
- Hobbies and Interests
- Knowledge of Current affairs
- Knowledge of our school

5. Criteria for the selection of S1 Discretionary Places are as follows:

The ranking of academic performance according to the list from EDB 10%
Academic results in P.5 and P.6 20%
Interview performance  30%
Conduct and comment in school reports 20%

Extra-curricular activities / services inside or outside school
(including potentiality in sports and arts, and awards etc).


6. Number of discretionary places for admission to Secondary One in September 2022: 40

7. Notes to application

  • A student may apply to not more than two participating schools listed in the handbook for application for Secondary One Discretionary Places.  Otherwise, the chance of acquiring a Discretionary Places will be forfeited.

8. Parents of successful applicant will be notified of the inclusion of their children in the list of Successful Applicants for Discretionary Place of our school by letter and phone on Thursday, 31 March 2022.



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