21-22 English Teachers:
001. Mr. Chiu Hon Kwong (Subject Panel)
002. Ms. Chan Ka Wing
003. Ms. Cheng Sau Chun
004. Ms. Fan Yuet Chun (Junior-form Subject Panel)
005. Mr. Lau Chi Fai
006. Ms. Law Wai Kwan 
007. Mr. Lou Chak Ming, Ernest (Native English Teacher)
008. Mr. Lui Kwan Ming
009. Ms. Ng Siu Man 
010. Ms. Siu Suk Fan 
011. Ms. Tsang Sze Man
012. Ms. Wong King Yue 
013. Ms. Yan Shuk Har 
014. Ms. Yiu Tai Lin

What a wonderful performance by our English Performance Club members as the guests MCs for this year's school Winter Concert. Of course, the special guest this year is Santa Claus, who came all the way from the North Pole. Santa presented students with gifts as he brightens up their mood just before the winter holidays. Check out the video introduction to the Winter Concert below!

Our English department is proud to present a very exciting week of cross-curricular reading festival. This week featured a book exhibition, English vocabulary posters, online quiz competitions, and theme-based readings. We also gave away many prizes to the top performing students in the week! Thank you everyone for participating. See you again next year!

We are very proud to announce this year's outstanding results from the 73rd English Speech Festival. Among the eight participants, six achieved MERIT(80 marks or higher)!  However, the biggest accomplishment came from Wong Ching Nam (4B) who finished in 3RD PLACE in the first-ever 'News Feature Presentation' competition.
Congratulations to all the student participants for giving their best effort! We hope to see you again in the competition next year!

Our first English week featured a Christmas theme where our NET, English Ambassadors and students celebrated the winter holidays with activities. It’s not Christmas without a winter holiday classic movie like ‘Home Alone’!

Many students enjoyed the movie for the first time as they got a good laugh out of the hilarious sequences between Kevin McAllister and the two bandits who tried to break in to his house. On the last day, students participated in ‘Christmas Bingo’ hosted by Mr. Lou. The bingo contained a variety of new and familiar Christmas vocabulary as students hope to strike BINGO and win some prizes! It was undoubtedly a fun-filled English week!



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