Reading Buddy: An Enriching Experience for Our Students

Reading Buddy, which ran since September 2023 and ended in May 2024, successfully empowered senior students to guide their junior peers while helping them build stronger reading habits.
Pairing up F.1 students with F.4 and F.5 students, the program created 19 buddy pairs who met regularly in the school hall and the computer room to take part in series of collaborative activities, including completing reading tasks, creating an e-book, writing and recording dialogues. The best teams competed in a live performance, showcasing their remarkable work at the end.
With the fun and engaging activities, this enriching program has successfully enhanced our students' confidence in reading and using English. They were able to discover the joy of reading stories and are getting better at it. Reading Buddy proved to be a truly transformative experience for all who participated!

MOI Activity – Computer Language

Subject: Introduction to Drone Technology
Activity: Introduction to Drone Technology
1) Briefly introduce the background, usage, regulation and structure of drones
2) Drone practice activities
This learning activity is to introduce the development, safety, and basic operational principles of drones. Students will learn about the applications of drones in both public and private sectors, gaining knowledge of professional English terms such as "civilian," "military," and "agricultural." Lastly, students will have the opportunity to operate small drones hands-on, which will enhance their interest in the subject.
同學從活動中認識到現今無人機在公共及私人服務方面的應用,從中了解一些專業的英文用詞,例如民用 (Civilian)、軍事 (Military)、農業 (Agricultural)。最後,同學可實地操作小型無人機,以增強他們學習本科的興趣。

MOI Activity – Buddhist Study

On May 22nd, the Buddhist Study invited "we_are_zen" to the school to host a meditation activity. A total of 20 S1 and S2 students participated in this activity. The meditation activity was led by registered social worker Raphael, who hopes that students can calm their minds through the practice, live in the present moment, and relieve their stress to face their heavy academic workload.
MOI 活動 – 佛學研究

MOI Activity - Life and Social Studies

Through the boardgames , students can learn the English pronunciation and explanation of the important concepts of the learning scope about Modern China and Hong Kong under “One country, Two systems” , and the students are very engaged in the exciting competition.

2023-2024 MOI Activity – Physical Education

On May 6, 2024, Physical Education Department was glad to invite the Hong Kong , China Hockey Association to organize an experience day for the junior form students. The Hong Kong , China Hockey Association representatives gave an informative presentation on the history and rules of field hockey, emphasizing its global popularity and the success of Hong Kong teams. Students had the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities, practicing basic techniques under the guidance of experienced coaches. This not only provided practical experience but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and excitement. The response from students was overwhelmingly positive. Many expressed newfound interest in field hockey and appreciated the opportunity to try something new. Teachers also noted the enthusiasm among students and the positive impact on their engagement in experience day.
MOI 活動 – 體育



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