The annual Joint-School English Oral Practice was successfully held on 4 May 2024 at Buddhist Tai Hung College. Together with students from Buddhist Wong Fung Ling College, students from Ho Nam Kam College enjoyed a fruitful morning despite the adverse weather condition. Not only did students benefit from getting feedback from teachers of various schools, they took the roles as participants as well as observers.
By presenting in front of a diverse audience, students develop confidence and learn to articulate their thoughts effectively. The presence of peers from other schools fosters a supportive learning environment, preparing them to handle a more stressful public exam context.
The peer observation component adds an extra layer of learning to the experience. As students took turns presenting, their peers observed and provided constructive feedbacks. By actively observing the performances of their counterparts, students learn to recognize what works well and what can be enhanced, ultimately polishing their oral communication skills. Overall, the activity equipped students with both oral communication skills and important life skills that will benefit them in multiple ways.




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