A proverb says ‘No pain, no gain’. Yet, learning English can be an amusing process instead of being a painful one. English Department first launched a calligraphy competition in which each form was assigned with five ‘Sayings of Wisdom’. Not only did students practice writing the sayings, they also read aloud to English teachers and English ambassadors during lunch time to collect stamps.
List of winners of the calligraphy competition was announced on 27 September. Overall champions for junior form and senior form are 1A Zhan Xilian and 5A Kwok Kam Pui respectively. Congratulations to the winners!
There are yet more to come. Stay tuned for the announcements from the English Department. Remember one of the sayings, ‘when there is a will, there is a way.’ English Department offers multiple ways to make learning happen in a much more entertaining way. Keep your Reading Card to collect the stamps. The more stamps you collect, the more prizes you get!




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