經過四科老師推介後,全校學生在課後登入「健康生活 —— e悅讀教室」Google Classroom中,欣賞推介書籍精華及影片。當中,主動完成閱讀以及工作紙一共380名學生,為全校近六成,反應甚為踴躍。截至11月1日,在「e悅讀」學科成績中,獲140分至200滿分的學生超過100人,已獲校方頒贈「早讀早有早享受」大獎,以嘉許學生優秀表現,鼓勵學生繼續參與學科延伸閱讀!



Inaugurating the Whole-Year Series of “Biweekly Academic Activities”

To encourage our students to enjoy extensive reading, explore the application of subject knowledge and strengthen cross-curricular connections, our school has inaugurated four series of “Biweekly Academic Activities” in 2020-2021, namely Healthy Living, Chinese Culture, Fun in Everyday Life and STEM Applications. The organising of the Biweekly Academic Activities is first of its kind at our school.

The first series on Healthy Living was successfully held from 19th to 30th October 2020. Our teachers from four subjects - Physical Education, Ethics and Buddhist Studies, Catering Services, and Applied Learning collaborated to guide students to do thematic reading in class and experience how to apply subject knowledge in daily life. Students have learnt about fitness training exercise, mindfulness practices through sitting and eating, vegetarian diet, healthy food preparation, as well as Mediterranean diet for digestive health. Through cross-curricular perspectives, students are enriching their understanding about how to take care of one’s well being.

All our students have accessed the “e-Reading” Google Classroom about Healthy Living to enjoy recommended texts, and educational videos prepared by our teachers. Active responses were given by 380 students, i.e. nearly 60% of the total, who completed both online reading and quizzes. As of 1st November, over 100 students attained highly satisfactory scores from e-Reading, ranging from 140 marks to the full marks of 200. Each of them received the Grand Prize “Early Enjoyment for Early Readers” in recognition of their outstanding performance.

A book fair on Healthy Living and Mini-Reading-Report Games were held in the School Library, attracting a large number of students to enjoy leisure reading during recess and after school. Prizes were given to over 30 students for their active participation. Meanwhile, all junior form students joined the e-Reading Session held by the School Library. They explored the theme of friendship and emotional health through reading excerpts from short stories and graphic novels written for adolescents.

The second series of Biweekly Academic Activities will be held in January 2021. Students will then explore the theme of Chinese culture through Chinese Language, Chinese History, Visual Art and Music.




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