此外,4D班則於3月1日到雷公田的圓通寺參觀,此寺廟坐落於大帽山山腳下, 遠離城市的煩囂,距今已有一百年的歷史。同學由道源法師帶領,上山坐禪、參觀寺廟,吃齋飯等等。


Form Four students had their Diversity Learning Days on 22nd February and 1st March respectively. Classes 4A and 4C visited the Tsz Shan Monastery in Tai Po. Students experienced several meditation activities, including water offering, walking meditation, Zen calligraphy and eating meditation. These activities aimed at giving students an opportunity to temporarily leave the hustle and bustle of the city and to feel the tranquility of Tsz Shan Monastery.

Classes 4B and 4E went to Lo Wai Tsuen to visit several temples. Students experienced a wide range of Buddhist activities like dharma talk and trying vegetarian food. All these activities let students cultivate correct wisdom and how to live peacefully and happily.

Class 4D went to Yuen Tung Monastery in Lui Kung Tin on 1st March. The monastery situated at the foot of the mountain which is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It has a history of one hundred years. Students were led by Daoyuan Master to the mountains to sit meditation, visit temples and try vegetarian food.



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