English Teachers:
Mr. Chiu Hon Kwong (Subject Panel)
Miss Chan Ka Win
Mr. Chan Pak Hei
Miss Fan Yuet Chun (Junior-form Subject Panel)
Miss Kwan Sze Chung 
Mr. Lau Chi Fai
Miss Law Wai Kwan 
Miss Ng Siu Man 
Miss Siu Suk Fun
Miss Tsang Sze Man
Miss Wong King Yue 
Miss Yan Shuk Har 
Miss Yiu Tai Lin
Mr. Ernest Lou (NET)

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In this session of Design & Applied Technology, students had to make an electronic magic rod. When the rod is swung, the LEDs light up a logo or words. Furthermore students learnt about different electronic devices (such as LED, transistors, resistors), practiced their soldering skills and developed problem solving skills.

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20150206 154323The goal of this Visual Art Workshop is that students become familiar with the famous impressionist painter, Vincent Van Gogh.  Students enjoyed the activities; they watched a film about Van Gogh's life, listened to the song "The Starry Night", and there was the appreciation of Van Gogh's artworks too.

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On 13 April 2015, 11 Form 3 students were having an extended learning activity of Business Fundamental lesson.  The whole lesson was about the 4 strategies of a marketing mix.  Students were required to design a marketing mix for different products and had to present their ideas at the end of the lesson.

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Last year, a group of our students participated in the exchange programme to United States for 9 months. It was sponsored by ProjectWeCan which aims to enhance students’ English ability and communication skills as well as to experience American culture. Student’s reflection on her feelings and photos in the United States during the exchange programme are stated as follows.



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