English Teachers:
Mr. Chiu Hon Kwong (Subject Panel)
Miss Chan Ka Win
Mr. Chan Pak Hei
Miss Fan Yuet Chun (Junior-form Subject Panel)
Miss Kwan Sze Chung 
Mr. Lau Chi Fai
Miss Law Wai Kwan 
Miss Ng Siu Man 
Miss Siu Suk Fun
Miss Tsang Sze Man
Miss Wong King Yue 
Miss Yan Shuk Har 
Miss Yiu Tai Lin
Mr. Ernest Lou (NET)

On the 20th of May we hosted the annual Buddhist Association Joint School Speaking Practice. Every year we join students and teachers from Buddhist Wong Fung Ling College and Buddhist Wai Yan Memorial College for a morning of practicing English speaking skills. There is a competition held in the classrooms, where the two best speakers from each school are chosen to be part of a demonstration group in the hall. Once all the students have finished their discussions, they have the opportunity to watch the demonstration group on the stage. The students also receive some feedback and information about the HKDSE Speaking paper.


 We were honored to have Mr Jack Stathis, the Director of International Business, Sales and Marketing of Education Queensland International (Department of Education and Training), to visit our 7 exchange students on 17 October.

It was really an important pro-interview for our students since they had a chance to reflect the feelings and express their opinions directly to the authority. The students treasured the time to talk and share their experience in Australia. All of us had a very relaxing and unforgettable afternoon.




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