English Teachers:
Mr. Chiu Hon Kwong (Subject Panel)
Miss Chan Ka Win
Mr. Chan Pak Hei
Miss Fan Yuet Chun (Junior-form Subject Panel)
Miss Kwan Sze Chung 
Mr. Lau Chi Fai
Miss Law Wai Kwan 
Miss Ng Siu Man 
Miss Siu Suk Fun
Miss Tsang Sze Man
Miss Wong King Yue 
Miss Yan Shuk Har 
Miss Yiu Tai Lin
Mr. Ernest Lou (NET)

15 of our school learners ranging from F.3 to F.4 enthusiastic students with the exceptionally high passion of acquiring English and experiencing English culture further in-depth embarked their miraculous study journey to the bustling heart of Yorkshire, Leeds of England in July of 2018 for a fortnight.

The ultimate goal of this study tour is to offer an entire immersion of English-rich environment for our students to enhance their English better with broading their horizons and encountering all aspects of Western lives, too.

During the trip, they had to attend the three-hour English lesson in the Centre for English Studies Leeds in the morning daily.  After lunch, they were assigned to get familiar with the city and experience of the diversities of the city life through the city walks, the visits of varying types of city and culture museums and the two one-day excursions to Manchester City and York on two weekends. 

After a whole-day study, they had to go to their host families as they were arranged to have the full board homestay accommodation.  Their host family prepared their daily meals carefully as well as offered their stay and individual cares intensively.  Most of our school learners miss their host families and this exciting city with the vibrant hub rich of culture and history after returning to Hong Kong.  What most of our learners have gained from this study tour to Leeds is much more than what’re expected to learn.

For more details of this study tour, please visit the Facebook which shows the itinerary of the entire and complete study tour.


A F.5A student, HAUNG NGAI LAM, LINDA said, “I entirely realized that learning English better doesn’t concentrate on the grammar and vocabulary solely, but also understand the history, cultures and customs of the English-speaking countries thoroughly.  That’s a correct and proven way to acquire English better.  For a fortnight to learn English in the United Kingdom, this is an exceptionally superb experience to trigger off being an eloquent English speaker with the proper western etiquette."


This year’s team of English Ambassadors is assembled and ready to go!  We are pleased to announce that our team is over 50-member strong! Our first lunch meeting took place at the ERC, where new and returning English Ambassadors had the chance to greet their new NET, Mr. Lou. During the meeting, we strategized and planned our English activities for our fellow school mates in the upcoming school year. We also had the opportunity to take a team photo and film a promo video to advertise our new team.

We have a wide range of fulfilled activities ahead, so stay tuned for updates!

We have been quite busy in the ERC the past few months! If you have missed any of our fun activities – make sure you make it to the next one! Here’s what we have been up to recently:
In October we celebrated Halloween with various games and scary films.  We read a poem to get “Trick or Treat” candy. Everyone loves Halloween!
In January the English Ambassadors had a belated “Festive Season” Pizza party in the ERC. We had delicious pizza, chicken wings and pastas to celebrate our English family and spend some quality time together.
In February, we had a day of making Valentine’s cards.  Students coloured in cards and wrote anonymous love notes that Miss Janie then delivered. The recipients were very surprised!  
We also had Nathan from Feeding HK come to talk to the English Ambassadors about food waste in Hong Kong.  We learnt that we should be very thankful for the food we have and that many people are going hungry.  Food should not go in the rubbish bin but go to someone in need.
For Easter, we had an Egg Hunt for the English Ambassadors.  They scoured the ERC to find the hidden eggs filled with chocolate.  It was a lot of excitement… and a lot of chocolate! 
Coming up we have the Wall Street English Fun Day on 9 May in the Mini hall. After that, we will have prize redemption the last week of May.  We hope to see you at the Fun Day or at any of our regular activities.

學生將隨班就讀於英國蘭卡斯特坎布里亞大學(UNIVESITY OF CUMBRIA)並寄住在當地寄宿家庭;學生有機會在一個全英語的環境下學習及運用英語,並親身體驗當地的生活及文化,藉此增廣見聞,真正體會異國生活。

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