English Teachers:
Mr. Chiu Hon Kwong (Subject Panel)
Miss Chan Ka Win
Mr. Chan Pak Hei
Miss Fan Yuet Chun (Junior-form Subject Panel)
Miss Kwan Sze Chung 
Mr. Lau Chi Fai
Miss Law Wai Kwan 
Miss Ng Siu Man 
Miss Siu Suk Fun
Miss Tsang Sze Man
Miss Wong King Yue 
Miss Yan Shuk Har 
Miss Yiu Tai Lin
Mr. Ernest Lou (NET)

Greetings from our Student-teachers!

Our school is very proud to introduce four student-teachers from the Education University of Hong Kong. They are Ms. Cui, Ms. Lin, Ms. Leung and Ms. Wong. With their energetic and positive personalities, they are motivated to contribute to our school’s English-rich environment! Click below to watch their speeches preparing for the morning assembly!

Congratulations to 5A Su ZeDong, Eric!

Su ZeDong, Eric is one the most commendable and outstanding students in our school in terms of his academic and extra-curricular performances.  That’s why he was nominated to become one of the finalists of the “Kwun Tong Schools Liaison Committee LBS Group Scholarship 2017-18”.  Having getting through a series of assessments and interview, Eric was eventually able to be one of the winners and pursued the scholarship from the Committee. 


Come check out the new and revamped ERC! With the help of the English Ambassadors and our NET, the English Resource Centre has gained a whole new look!

The walls both on the inside and the outside are now decorated with bright and eye-catching English posters, photos and banners. From informative posters to motivational ones, the ERC now offers students an area to see and read more English! Come drop by if you haven’t visited us already!



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