Summer Bridge Programme

I’m Luk Hoi Tung from 3B. I’m glad that I had a chance to join the Summer Bridge programme in the first year.
Summer Bridge is a special project for F.2 and F.3 students. It is a great chance for us to learn English, improve English and be an outgoing and helpful person. I will not regret joining this programme.

     Summer Bridge is different from school.  In the morning, we had Morning Family Time and ASM – Morning for 30 mins. Then we did the Summer Bridge clap and went to our classrooms to start the lessons.  We only had four lessons, but no recess.  At 12:25, we had lunch.  We had two lunchbox choices: one is vegetarian and the other one is meat.

     After lunch, we didn’t have lesson but we had sports, such as yoga, badminton, basketball, etc.  Next, we had family time to chat with our family members and teachers.  After that, we had ASM – Afternoon.  It was a show to learn a word.  At the end we had kudos time to give kudos to someone who helped or supported you.  It is a good time for students to teach us, we need to thank everyone.

     I think it was special that there were cheers, missions and spirits.  It was so interesting, such as 'What time is it?'  You need to answer 'English all the time'.  When we saw someone feel nervous, we needed to support them and did not laugh at them.  That spirit is great!  I love it so much!  I really really love Summer Bridge.

    Don’t Cry Now.  Goodbye Now.  We All Love Summer Bridge!

By 3B Luk Hoi Tung

     Hi, I am Dickson Lo. I am a form three student, and today I want to talk about my summer. In the summer l participated in Summer Bridge. The aim is for people to learn English and we don't need to do homework. Summer Bridge was like my home because my Summer Bridge teacher is was very kind and reminded us to speak English all the time. 

     In Summer Bridge l learned how to practice something, make up a story and talk with all people, but more important is that I can speak English with other countries’ people.

By 3C Lo Chun Hei

     Hello, everyone, I'm Eric. I want to talk about my attending Summer Bridge.

     While I was learning English in Summer Bridge, I started to become very unhappy, because I keep up with the of the teachers. But after a period of time, I slowly got accustomed the Summer Bridge, began to chat with the teachers and students.

     During Summer Bridge, we had to communicate in English every day. Summer Bridge made me happy every day. The Summer Bridge teacher, they know how to play guitar, they taught me how to play the guitar, and let me perform in a show.  I was very surprised. I was so happy that I could be the MC at our celebration. In this course, I could improve my spoken English.  I could also build up the courage to get along with others in English.  

     Although I do not speak in English fluently, I can chat with others easily in English. 

By 3C Su Zedong




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