English Teachers:
Mr. Chiu Hon Kwong (Subject Panel)
Miss Chan Ka Win
Mr. Chan Pak Hei
Miss Fan Yuet Chun (Junior-form Subject Panel)
Miss Kwan Sze Chung 
Mr. Lau Chi Fai
Miss Law Wai Kwan 
Miss Ng Siu Man 
Miss Siu Suk Fun
Miss Tsang Sze Man
Miss Wong King Yue 
Miss Yan Shuk Har 
Miss Yiu Tai Lin
Mr. Ernest Lou (NET)

Our first English week featured a Christmas theme where our NET, English Ambassadors and students celebrated the winter holidays with activities. It’s not Christmas without a winter holiday classic movie like ‘Home Alone’!

Many students enjoyed the movie for the first time as they got a good laugh out of the hilarious sequences between Kevin McAllister and the two bandits who tried to break in to his house. On the last day, students participated in ‘Christmas Bingo’ hosted by Mr. Lou. The bingo contained a variety of new and familiar Christmas vocabulary as students hope to strike BINGO and win some prizes! It was undoubtedly a fun-filled English week!

The English Drama Club kicked off its inaugural year with a team of a dozen students from F1 to F4. Under the leadership of our experienced drama teacher, Ms Pansy Wong, students are given first-hand exposure to the ins and outs of what it takes to be stage performers. The vigorous and demanding training students are put through help develop their self-confidence, concentration, creativity and language skills. Most importantly, students can have a lot of fun! Please stay tuned to one of our performances in the very near future!

Our first ever English Summer Day Camp was held on August 26th 2019, where this year’s Form 1 students had the chance to meet and greet with their Native English Teacher (NET) , English Ambassadors and their fellow schoolmates. The day was packed with English activities like bingo, scavenger hunt, dance performance and group games. Students had the opportunity to know more about their new surroundings and at the same time discover that learning English can be fun too! Wish everyone a fruitful new school year!

Our English department, with the help of social enterprise group "Addoilmusic", hosted our first English busking performance on May 16th. Our performers were the Speed Jammers featuring Jaime Cheung and Joseph Kwok. Jaime is the winner of Addoilmusic 2018 song writing contest while Joseph is a music workshop teacher.  These two talented musicians performed their rendition of English pop songs like "Shape of You" and "Million reasons" which attracted a big crowd of students to gather. Their amazing performance illustrates how the magic of music can bring everyone together! A special thanks to Addoilmusic and the Speed Jammers for being a part it all!

The Buddhist Joint school oral practice was held at our school on May 4th. We welcomed teachers and students from Buddhist Wong Fung Ling College and Buddhist Wai Yan Memorial College in this annual activity.

The participating Form 5 students took part in three rounds of group discussion and individual response practices.  They received give some valuable feedback and insights by the teachers. This activity aims to better equip the students for their DSE speaking examination for next year. A big thanks goes out to all teachers, staff and students who involved in this year's oral practice!



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